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 Flexible paint for EVA / PE Foams

Get ready to elevate your creations to the next level with Flexi Paint™ - the ultimate solution for all your painting needs!

With our new and improved formula, you'll get better color coverage, reduced brush strokes, and a tack-free surface after just 24 hours. Our paint is also brush ready, making it easier to use than ever before.

Flexi Paint™ is still non-toxic, latex-free, and highly flexible, with no cracking or mixing of parts required. Our new improved formula bonds even better to a wide variety of surfaces including EVA foam, plastazote, upholstery foam, latex, fabric, and polyurethane soft foam.

No primer is needed for EVA foam, and colored powder pigments can be added to our clear base for a metallic finish. You can even mix your own colors with just a few drops of acrylic paint added to our white base.



Foam Seam filler

Flexi Filler is a versatile product designed to fill unsightly seam lines and add texture to your cosplay costumes and props. It is easy to use - simply fill the seams or damaged parts with Flexi Filler using your finger or a spreader, smooth out with water, and let it dry fully. The filler is highly flexible, durable, and has a non-cracking formula, making it perfect for cosplay costumes and props that require a high level of flexibility. It is also non-toxic and latex-free, making it safe to use. Once dried, you can wet sand the filler for a smooth, flexible finish. Flexi Filler does not require any top coats and has a matte appearance when dry.


Please note that Flexi Filler should not be used as a surface coat where flexibility and impact durability is required. Check out our tutorial video for more information on how to use Flexi Filler.


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Finishes & Sealers for Flexi Paint™

Do you want to take your cosplay and crafting game to the next level? Look no further than Flexi Paint™ and its amazing top coats, Matt and Gloss No Tack!

Flexi Paint™ is an awesome primer that bonds to a wide variety of surfaces without peeling or cracking. Its tackiness makes it super durable and tough, allowing it to securely grip acrylics, powders, and glitters to its surface. And with the Matt and Gloss No Tack top coats, you can transform your Flexi Paint™ creations into stunning masterpieces!

Not only do these top coats remove the tack from Flexi Paint™, but they're also fast-drying, low-odor, and non-toxic. Plus, they're water and weatherproof, which means you won't have to worry about your Flexi Paint™ creations getting discolored when they're wet.

The Matt top coat turns your Flexi Paint™ to a smooth, velvety finish, while the Gloss top coat gives it a shiny, glossy look. And best of all, both top coats remove the tack completely, leaving you with a perfect, polished surface.

So what are you waiting for? Try out Flexi Paint™ and its amazing top coats today and take your cosplay and crafting to the next level!


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